Process e-mail automatically!

In ManageMyMind incoming and outgoing e-mails can be processed. E-mail that arrives can be set aside to process later and you can simply delete e-mails.

But is is also possible to process e-mails automatically. For example newsletters. They can be automatically directed to folder, and per folder you can configure how many or how long mails have to be kept. And of course e-mails from spam-adresses can be deleted automatically.

Also you can configure special e-mails to be processed fully automated. Data from such e-mails can be, for instance, automatically added to a list or added to a document.

And of course you can also add e-mails that take longer to process to your calendar.

Configuring these step-by step, only the most important e-mails will be presented to you. This means less disturbance and saves a lot of time.

We discovered that it is possible to process at least 80% of your e-mails fully automated!