What is it?

ManageMyMind is a no-nonsense tool for persons that are tired of the load of apps they have to work with, that don’t want to connect to 10’s of apps of companies, clubs an so on. And because of that have to sign-in to apps all the time, have to copy or synchronize data, are being disturbed by pop-ups, have to switch user interfaces all the time. People that take themselves seriously and need 1 app to manage all there business. And care for optimum security of their data.

ManageMyMind does not cover social media and no back-office applications (accounting etc.). ManageMyMind does everything you need to operate, make efficient use of your time and save time for other things..

ManageMyMind does the rest, including:

General: sign in, sign off, change your password, manage your settings, view logs.

Domains: create and manage domains, link persons, manage locations, view everything per domain, publish domains (optionally for a fee)

Personsn: create and manage persons

Documentation: add documentation to a domain

Documents: create and manage documents, version management, add chapters and items, link to processes

Lists: create and manage lists, download, automatic updates, udpate from email

Templates: create and manage templates, set-up complete workflows, detail processes to activities and requiements, create templates for projects, manage milestones and choices/decisions, specify criteria for processes

Favorieten: create and manage favourites

Signals: automatically generate signals and process them

Notes: add notes, link them to anything

Processes: create processes baseed on a favourite, start and end processes, change and extend processes, progressie processes, repeating processes, procesmonitoring, open processes (for relationship management), schedule an reschedule processes

Calendar: view actions and calendar, daily reports, reschedule entiry days.

Commands: compose complex commands and automatically execute them pressing one button

Messaging: read e-mail, read and send internal mail (safe!), send e-mail, mailings, mailings based on proesses, link mails to processes, automatic archiving of e-mail, automatic processing of e-mail

Relocations: manage and schedule relocations

Shortcuts: add shortcuts to manage frequently used actions

This is all fully integrated into one interface, with or without filtering, automatic where possible and user-friendly.

24 hours per day, on every device, anywhere in the world.